Wednesday, July 2, 2008

He's okay...

...but I'm afraid I ran over poor Loiosh's hindpaw with my office chair today.

H was totally asleep, didn't even holler or anything, I turned around and he looked very confused and had his hindpaw up. Then he started crying. I threw on clothing and ran to the vet's.

Except (thank God I called ahead) my vet doesn't have anyone in today. The receptionist gave me two numbers; the one said 'we're busy, can you come in in three hours' (no, he's bleeding now!) and the other gave me yet another vet's number. _They_ didn't answer, so I piled him in the car and drove until I found a place.

They saw him right away. They said they wanted X-rays because his poor toe was swollen enough they couldn't tell if anything was broken, and could I come back in a couple hours?

I hated leaving him there, but I've got too much to do, I couldn't wait...

I just heard from them -- his toe isn't broken, he's got a little cut that they're bandaging up, and I can pick him up in a half hour. More once I've got him home.

Good thoughts and prayers welcomed.

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