Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cold Water: Kittylovins and the Moon

Not the kind of kittylovins you might be thinking about, either (though Loiosh is as lovins as ever), this is the tale of a lion cub purchased from Harrods (!) by a couple of people in England, and what followed there.

Fair warning: You will likely cry. I did. Tim got a little misty. It's beautiful.

And for the geeks and nature-lovers among us, a really cool video of the Moon transiting the Earth.

Enjoy them!


Rae Trigg said...

Oh, wow. That was just ... I have no words ... thank you for posting that. Wow.

Kate said...

Yes. It blew me away. I cried, and then I had to go snuggle Loiosh and Chocolate. It...there aren't words.