Friday, July 18, 2008

Kitten Update

He's growing fast. Soon he'll be a long-leggety teenager kitty...

On my desk earlier today. I actually managed to get things done with him there, but I'm not sure how. He also tried to fall asleep on my keyboard about three times but I chased him off.

The big cat is Samson. Samson hates everyone. HATES YOU ALL. except for this kitten but don't tell anyone!

This one's from a couple weeks ago -- you can see how much he's grown! The thing he's playing with is the top to my walking stick monopod. I have not seen it since I took this picture. Likely he's eaten it.

And the required Sleeping Kitten picture. Let's all say it together now -- awww! Isn't he cute?

Right now he's sleeping at my feet again. Yes, under the chair. No, I haven't run him over again. No, he has no idea the chair was even involved.

He's now been to six shows with me, one of which was a four-day-long camping event. He's becoming an old hand. Mostly he sleeps until it's time to pack up, at which point he wakes up and demands to PLAY NOW PLAY NOW WHAT'S THAT MOM PLAY NOW. This makes packing up somewhat difficult but I still have few problems finding someone to hold him for me.

I haven't taken him out for walks on the leash often recently -- it's been far too hot. I need to do that, though, so he doesn't forget what he's doing on the thing. Maybe some morning (that being a relative term for me, alas) when it hasn't warmed up too much yet...

More updates soon; didn't want to post too many pictures at once!

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