Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Kitten-ey Goodness

Yet more pictures!

This one's a couple weeks old, too. Yep, those are my boobs. With attached kitten. After a while he fell asleep there.

This is just a small version -- full-sized, this one is huge. It is such a great picture I'm thinking about getting it printed up right and framed. Look! At the kitten tongue! Just look!

In other news, he's about outgrown that harness and I'll be needing a new one soon.

I did not pose him like this.

He did this himself.

We'd walked to the post office, and he was pretty worn out. As soon as I got the last of the stuff out of my backpack he climbed right in. And, in fact, fell asleep and stayed that way right through me shopping at Vitamin Cottage.

In which he was not allowed, but they took a look at him and said kitten? What kitten? *petpetpetscritchpetpet*


Also, in another Treasury. I seem to be popular these days!


Anonymous said...

SQUEE! Kitteh face! Kitteh tongue! I need snorgles! :-D

Kate said...

Hee! Come visit and you'll have all the snorgles you want! the meantime, I'll snorgle him for you.

He outgrew his harness! I'm so pleased. :)