Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seven Songs Meme

Wasn't tagged as such, but Cecilia said 'do this one if you want' to everyone reading her blog and it's been so long since I've done a meme I figured it was time.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. Missing Part, Seanan McGuire

2. Downhome Aphrodite, Seanan McGuire

3. When I Was a Boy, Dar Williams (is this cheating?)

4. Closer to Fine Indigo Girls

5. Watershed, Indigo Girls

6. Mal's Song, Escape Key

7. Paper Moon, Seanan McGuire

You may have noticed a certain theme -- Seanan McGuire is my absolute favourite artist these days, and I listen to her a lot. I used her website for a couple of the links, since few of her songs are on YouTube; go and check her out if you've a mind to.

Not tagging anyone, as I'm probably the last on the planet to do this meme. Thanks Cecilia!

Cold Water: Kittylovins and the Moon

Not the kind of kittylovins you might be thinking about, either (though Loiosh is as lovins as ever), this is the tale of a lion cub purchased from Harrods (!) by a couple of people in England, and what followed there.

Fair warning: You will likely cry. I did. Tim got a little misty. It's beautiful.

And for the geeks and nature-lovers among us, a really cool video of the Moon transiting the Earth.

Enjoy them!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Kitten-ey Goodness

Yet more pictures!

This one's a couple weeks old, too. Yep, those are my boobs. With attached kitten. After a while he fell asleep there.

This is just a small version -- full-sized, this one is huge. It is such a great picture I'm thinking about getting it printed up right and framed. Look! At the kitten tongue! Just look!

In other news, he's about outgrown that harness and I'll be needing a new one soon.

I did not pose him like this.

He did this himself.

We'd walked to the post office, and he was pretty worn out. As soon as I got the last of the stuff out of my backpack he climbed right in. And, in fact, fell asleep and stayed that way right through me shopping at Vitamin Cottage.

In which he was not allowed, but they took a look at him and said kitten? What kitten? *petpetpetscritchpetpet*


Also, in another Treasury. I seem to be popular these days!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Kitten Update

He's growing fast. Soon he'll be a long-leggety teenager kitty...

On my desk earlier today. I actually managed to get things done with him there, but I'm not sure how. He also tried to fall asleep on my keyboard about three times but I chased him off.

The big cat is Samson. Samson hates everyone. HATES YOU ALL. except for this kitten but don't tell anyone!

This one's from a couple weeks ago -- you can see how much he's grown! The thing he's playing with is the top to my walking stick monopod. I have not seen it since I took this picture. Likely he's eaten it.

And the required Sleeping Kitten picture. Let's all say it together now -- awww! Isn't he cute?

Right now he's sleeping at my feet again. Yes, under the chair. No, I haven't run him over again. No, he has no idea the chair was even involved.

He's now been to six shows with me, one of which was a four-day-long camping event. He's becoming an old hand. Mostly he sleeps until it's time to pack up, at which point he wakes up and demands to PLAY NOW PLAY NOW WHAT'S THAT MOM PLAY NOW. This makes packing up somewhat difficult but I still have few problems finding someone to hold him for me.

I haven't taken him out for walks on the leash often recently -- it's been far too hot. I need to do that, though, so he doesn't forget what he's doing on the thing. Maybe some morning (that being a relative term for me, alas) when it hasn't warmed up too much yet...

More updates soon; didn't want to post too many pictures at once!

Cold Water

For a while more than a year ago I ran a blog called 'Cold Waters to a Thirsty Soul'. Every day I'd post five items of good news, to try to counteract the bad news you see all over the news outlets. I gave up after a while -- it was a bunch of work and I think I had one reader (thank you, Elizabeth, for being a faithful reader!)

Hadn't thought about it in a long time but I've just run across a couple of things that would have qualified to be included, once upon a time...

Duck Darwin Awards -- the tale of a mother duck whose nest placement could have been better, and what a bunch of humans did to help her out.

Container House -- how a group of folks built a sturdy, snug, nigh-indestructible home out of old retired shipping containers. I'm contemplating finding out where old containers go to die and if it's near here, giving this one a try.

Only two today, where once I did five. But I think I'm going to try to make this a semi-regular practice again, because we can all still use some good news every once in a while.

"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two perspectives on wealth

You're wealthy. You're likely wealthier than you thought you were.

You're wealthy if you can afford to buy food with cash, instead of putting it on a credit card.

You're wealthy if you have health insurance, even crappy stuff.

If you can turn on the air conditioning without having to worry about paying the electric bill, you're definitely wealthy.

Likewise if you can pay to get the car repaired.

You're wealthy if you can afford the gas to drive more than the absolute minimum necessary -- and sometimes not even that.

If you can pay for a dinner out more than maybe every six months, you're downright rich.

And also if you can consider paying for a replacement computer -- even a used one.

Likewise with repairs to the one you've got.

In these ways, I am not wealthy.


On the other hand...

Spending the last hour before waking up with a kitten sleeping on your chest and your beloved older cat curled up next to you is a sure sign of wealth.

Also being able to ride your bike to the store and back without being ridiculously out of breath.

And having a bare acquaintence (whom I now consider a friend) willing to take the time to tell you of an herbal remedy that will halve the amount you spend on a particular set of medicines.

Also someone who'll support what you're doing to make a living.

Okay, a heck of a lot of people, actually.

Having the skills to create things that make people happy, sometimes even healthy, shows your wealth.

As does a cage full of freaking hysterical rats.

Who fish for frozen peas.

Now, c'mon, wasn't that the funniest thing you've seen all week?

...yeah, I guess I'm pretty rich.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Much calmer now.

He's home and I can see he's okay with my own eyes. There's a pretty big bandage on his paw but most of it is just to keep it on there. They sent him home with an adorable red white and blue bandanna on! He's so good, he just left it there.

Just so you can feel better:

He spent about a half hour asleep on my chest. He just didn't want to leave. He's still coming over and squeaking if I go into the kitchen to do anything useful, and he pesters me until I pet him for a while. Which I am perfectly content to do.

Big stretch!

He's walking mostly fine, and I think the bandage is what's giving him issues. He keeps flapping that paw around like it's wet. I hope he leaves the bandage on for at least a day or two, but we'll see.

...yeah, he just attacked Samson, who weighs nearly ten times what he does. He's fine.



What with one thing and another I sort of lost most of the day, so the new product release that was going to be today will be either late tonight or tomorrow. I'm pretty proud of the new stuff so come and have a look. And, well -- I hate to say it but -- vet bills ain't cheap. If you've been thinking about buying something anyway, now's the time.

Thanks, all. It's good to know you're out there keeping him in your thoughts.

He's okay...

...but I'm afraid I ran over poor Loiosh's hindpaw with my office chair today.

H was totally asleep, didn't even holler or anything, I turned around and he looked very confused and had his hindpaw up. Then he started crying. I threw on clothing and ran to the vet's.

Except (thank God I called ahead) my vet doesn't have anyone in today. The receptionist gave me two numbers; the one said 'we're busy, can you come in in three hours' (no, he's bleeding now!) and the other gave me yet another vet's number. _They_ didn't answer, so I piled him in the car and drove until I found a place.

They saw him right away. They said they wanted X-rays because his poor toe was swollen enough they couldn't tell if anything was broken, and could I come back in a couple hours?

I hated leaving him there, but I've got too much to do, I couldn't wait...

I just heard from them -- his toe isn't broken, he's got a little cut that they're bandaging up, and I can pick him up in a half hour. More once I've got him home.

Good thoughts and prayers welcomed.