Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two perspectives on wealth

You're wealthy. You're likely wealthier than you thought you were.

You're wealthy if you can afford to buy food with cash, instead of putting it on a credit card.

You're wealthy if you have health insurance, even crappy stuff.

If you can turn on the air conditioning without having to worry about paying the electric bill, you're definitely wealthy.

Likewise if you can pay to get the car repaired.

You're wealthy if you can afford the gas to drive more than the absolute minimum necessary -- and sometimes not even that.

If you can pay for a dinner out more than maybe every six months, you're downright rich.

And also if you can consider paying for a replacement computer -- even a used one.

Likewise with repairs to the one you've got.

In these ways, I am not wealthy.


On the other hand...

Spending the last hour before waking up with a kitten sleeping on your chest and your beloved older cat curled up next to you is a sure sign of wealth.

Also being able to ride your bike to the store and back without being ridiculously out of breath.

And having a bare acquaintence (whom I now consider a friend) willing to take the time to tell you of an herbal remedy that will halve the amount you spend on a particular set of medicines.

Also someone who'll support what you're doing to make a living.

Okay, a heck of a lot of people, actually.

Having the skills to create things that make people happy, sometimes even healthy, shows your wealth.

As does a cage full of freaking hysterical rats.

Who fish for frozen peas.

Now, c'mon, wasn't that the funniest thing you've seen all week?

...yeah, I guess I'm pretty rich.

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