Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Much calmer now.

He's home and I can see he's okay with my own eyes. There's a pretty big bandage on his paw but most of it is just to keep it on there. They sent him home with an adorable red white and blue bandanna on! He's so good, he just left it there.

Just so you can feel better:

He spent about a half hour asleep on my chest. He just didn't want to leave. He's still coming over and squeaking if I go into the kitchen to do anything useful, and he pesters me until I pet him for a while. Which I am perfectly content to do.

Big stretch!

He's walking mostly fine, and I think the bandage is what's giving him issues. He keeps flapping that paw around like it's wet. I hope he leaves the bandage on for at least a day or two, but we'll see.

...yeah, he just attacked Samson, who weighs nearly ten times what he does. He's fine.



What with one thing and another I sort of lost most of the day, so the new product release that was going to be today will be either late tonight or tomorrow. I'm pretty proud of the new stuff so come and have a look. And, well -- I hate to say it but -- vet bills ain't cheap. If you've been thinking about buying something anyway, now's the time.

Thanks, all. It's good to know you're out there keeping him in your thoughts.

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