Thursday, January 17, 2008

Year in Review Meme

...courtesy of Mother Laura. Always amusing, and I don't think I did it last year.

January: Hadn't started this blog yet, but as a bonus, my first post from my long-neglected LJ: Home. A little something I wrote on the plane on the way back to PA, and some related thoughts:

February: Introduction. I am a bisexual woman with occasional delusions of maleness, in a loving relationship with a gay man, who's in a loving relationship with another man, who's really more interested in women but makes the occasional exception.

March: Tough Night. Had a tough night last night.

April: Why can't things go smooth.... Why can't things ever go smooth? One of these days I'd like to get a look at my character sheet. I suspect some poor fool somewhere took the 'Things Don't Go Smooth' complication from the Serenity RPG.

May: Extended whinging. Tonight's task? Combatting depression with jobhunting. Fair warning: this is long, whiny, and doesn't have a happy ending.

June: Friday 5 hopes, visions and dreams. Been a couple weeks since I've done the Friday's hoping things have slowed enough that I can keep up with it now. I should note that I had so much fun playing with the font colours that I almost didn't get round to doing the Friday Five itself...

July: 5 Things I Dig About Jesus. Tagged by Bishop Laura!

August: All Teeth and Toenails (Warning: Long and Ranty). a dear friend of mine says when things get tough. Hang on with what you've got left, even if all you've got to hang on with is teeth and toenails.

September: Boring Friday Posting. There's nothing to do at work today. Really, actually nothing. I have no independent tasks of my own -- I do what Stephanie and Katie tell me to do. Well, Katie isn't in, and Stephanie is working desperately on a spreadsheet and doesn't have the time/energy/attention to be able to give me a task.

October: Gnrr. Argh. Bleh.. That Crocs job? I made the mistake of gently pointing out to a coworker that the reason I'd done something wrong (for which she bitched at me quite a bit) was because she'd told me the wrong thing. And now, I am laid off. 'It's our slow season'. Um, yeah, with Christmas coming up, I believe that.

November: Samhain, All Saint's, call it what you will.... Started a fire in my fireplace. First time this season. Got it going real well. (Took a while.) Found the SCA favours I'd made for my ex years ago...which he gave back to me the last time I saw him, right before I moved out here. I could tell they weren't going to be enough on their own, so I cut off about five inches of my hair, as well. Grab ponytail, snip, right across the back. And tossed in the lot.

December: Surviving...rather long.. *crawls back online* Having been prodded pestered gently reminded that it's been a while, herewith an update. (Hi Nina! Hi Mother Laura!)

Well, that's been my year. Somewhat more exciting than I'd remembered it being, honestly, but that's the way of things. I could use some quiet for a bit, I think...

Not tagging anyone; play along if you like.

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