Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tonight I'm making Sallie's Tomato Bread Soup, which I haven't had in ages and which I'd nearly lost the recipe to -- it's safely printed out, now.

This time I have Italian sausage, mild stuff, so I've got that right, but it's ground not links -- easier to deal with, I figure, and the taste if not texture should be the same. We shall see. Last time I used country sausage and it was good, but I could see where the Italian was the right stuff.

Last week I made her potato soup, which I cannot find the link for (help?), so I'm glad I did write that one down. I messed with it some -- started out with a turnip, chopped pretty fine and sauteed for a while in butter, before I added the onion and garlic; I also tossed in a bunch of paprika at about this point. I don't think I did anything else very differently though I can't be sure. It was awfully, awfully good and made happy work-lunch-leftovers for a while, too.

Also last week was my first solo attempt at Swedish meatballs. Despite the addition of a couple of eggs to the meatball recipe the meatballs fell apart anyway but tasted absolutely delicious as usual. I have since heard that the recipe I have calls for cooking the meatballs too long, so I'll try it again sometime and put them in later; we'll see.

In other news, the new place is shaping up great, and I'm going into business. Well, kinda small scale, but.

Also, there's a cat in the laundry.

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