Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am a bisexual woman with occasional delusions of maleness, in a loving relationship with a gay man, who's in a loving relationship with another man, who's really more interested in women but makes the occasional exception. (We're hoping to close the triangle, so to speak, but that's another day's weirdness.) I frequently occupy a chat room filled with transwomen, women like me who really want nothing more some days than a cock to call their very own, and an assortment of other odd and kinky sorts. I can name you four five seven long-term stable triads offhand, and if I sit and think about it I can probably add a couple more. I've participated in a lot of attempts to add to that total, with, alas, fairly ugly results.

I say all this not in an attempt to add to my queer cred, cos I'm not worried about that. Sometimes, though, it's of use to write it all out and then just sit back and look at the weirdness that's become my life.

It's a pretty instructive weirdness at times, I'll admit. I can't think of a lot of situations you could throw at me that would, well, throw me. Except that my own life throws me on a pretty regular basis, and as I doubt I'm the only one out there, I figured that writing about it would help, and so would putting it out there where anyone can have a look if they like.


Mother Laura said...

Congratulations on speaking your truth--may it bring you the liberation and clarification you are so bravely seeking.

You are in my prayers for every kind of internal and external help and consolation.

seeking chivalry said...

Thank you very much, hun.

We know where we want things to end up, but as always it's a question of whether it'll actually work that way - and it's much more complicated with three than with two.