Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Why can't things go smooth...

Why can't things ever go smooth?

One of these days I'd like to get a look at my character sheet. I suspect some poor fool somewhere took the 'Things Don't Go Smooth' complication from the Serenity RPG.

That job I had? Don't have it any more. No, it wasn't my back; no, it wasn't my left knee. My right thigh, of all things, decided to act up and now I can walk for anywhere between ten minutes and a half hour before it starts to ache. Which doesn't work so well with a job in a warehouse.

I went to a doctor, of course, who told me that a nerve was compressed and here, take these pills. If they won't work in two weeks come back and we'll see.

Well, in two weeks it was enough worse that I quit my job and can't afford to go back to the doctor. Fortunately Linette has saved my ass, at least temporarily, with a part-time job at her lovely little store in Lyons. About thirty hours a week will keep me going for a little while, at least, and it's quite a bit of fun. Nice thing about it is when I'm done cleaning/straightening/rearranging and there aren't any customers in the store, I can pretty much do what I like. Which has been a lot of jewelry-making and a bit of writing. Plus a lot of messing around online, but I'm working on keeping that down.

I have several sets of jewelry out for display here at Linette's. Nobody's bought any yet but I've had several people interested. I'm also looking around or other places I could put jewelry out on consignment; this is a great area for that kind of thing.

Also doing herbal stuff. I mean, I was making bath salts for people anyway. I pick up cool little glass bottles at the Salvation Army and such, fill them with bath salts, and put them out for sale. Again with the looking around for consignment places, and again I have several in mind. Soon comes the lovely day of packing up samples and trying to sell my stuff to all these lovely little shops.

The ladies at the apartment office have already offered to buy some of the bath salts and such as drawing prizes for summer parties. And they'll put my fliers in the new resident packets, once I print them up. Which would involve coming up with a company name and advertising stuff. Ack!

Wasn't I trying to get out of sales?

Really, I'd rather just make the stuff. In fact, I've decided what I want to do when I grow up: make stuff. Tough making a living that way, though, hence the sales bit. Hopefully I'll be better at it when I actually like the stuff I'm selling. Though if there's anyone out there who has a clue about marketing and such, I wouldn't mind a bit of advice.

In other news, I have persistently failed to go to church, mostly because Saturday night is the only night that both Tim and I can usefully stay up late; thus, we do, and then it's noon on Sunday and church is over. I might take advantage of the extra services most churches have during Holy Week to make it in for something, at least.

Just sold about a hundred and fifty bucks of stuff right at the end of the day -- yay! And the one lady was very interested in my jewelry, though she got distracted by buying her wedding dress.

Off to gaming night!

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