Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home Invasion

No, not scary. Rather amusing, actually.

So yesterday it was pretty warm (in the 40s, actually!) so I had the front door open for a while. Chocolate explored outside a bit but since I'm on the second floor now he couldn't get far, and I followed him anyway; after that he wedged himself into the closet with the other two so I wasn't worried. I was working on getting all of my herb stuff organized in yet another closet when I heard a scrapey-shuffley-sniffy noise; I turn to look and what has trotted right into my new place but the most adorable Italian greyhound ever?

Okay, so I love dogs anyway.

He was all waggy and wiggly and tongue-hanging-out and hi-you're new! so I went and petted him. Trailing somewhat behind (even with those short legs they're insanely fast) was his momma, who was alternating between shouting apologies, shouting for her dog to get over here right now, and trying to tell the person she was on the phone with what was going on. By now of course I'm laughing too hard to be pretty much any help, and the dog has basically climbed me in an attempt to lick my entire face, so she pretty much had to come in and physically fetch her dog away. I told her not to worry about it; a random home invasion by a friendly dog is rarely going to bother me a whit.

Hee. Made my day. :)


Anonymous said...

It would've made my day, too.

Kate said...