Monday, May 24, 2010

From chaos...


...comes order.



Moving went well yesterday -- much thanks to Bri, Grellan, Mel, Frost, Claire, Kat, and Savina. Only we forgot to actually carry the loveseat out! Well, I have a couple more days.

There's a little left (there always is) plus a bunch of things for the event this weekend. I didn't see any use in moving them, then putting them right back in the car, so I'm packing them last.

My emotions have been on a rollercoaster -- crashing lows to near-normalcy. I hope things smooth out. Today started well -- I got the above-pictured shelves put together -- but the afternoon got really tough and I had to slog through packing kitchen stuff at the old place. Starting to worry about having enough boxes, too.

Sale's over as of tonight. Went really well, and I even got a last-minute sale or two. Good thing -- it's paying the bills. Money's still tight, but what's new?

At least I have my Loiosh (currently helping with the typing).

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