Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I Got Nothing Done Today


Prrrrrrrr sandwich?



I actually did get a fair amount done today (amidst the brainmelty) and will be introducing a new line of skin care salves soon. Just need to get labels designed, formulas worked up and tested, and somehow find a source for jewelweed other than 'call Mom and ask her to pick some'...


Mother Laura said...

Incredibly cute again! And Amy thinks so too.

Yes, I am alive and increasingly well and due to post today at the Feminist Theology blog (cross-posted at my place, once I get it done). Will work together the week's scripture with my recent unplanned but fruitful retreat at a place that makes the Trappists look like creampuffs....

Didn't get the phone message till yesterday and it was a great gift, as are you. The prayers are greatly appreciated and going your way too, dear one, especially as you think about reconnecting with church. They better be nice to you or have me to answer to--not to mention your furry and clawed bunch.

Will call before too long, till then:


Kate said...

Good to hear from you. Yes, he's the adorablest -- keeps me on my toes too!

Glad you're doing okay, too. Looking forward to reading your post and seeing what's up!

Be well!