Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm okay.

Cats are okay.

Rats are okay.

Apartment is okay (I'm typing from my computer).

But there was a fire in the building and I'm pretty freaked out.

The people catty-corner to me (where the fire started, and the worst of the damage) have lost a lot. Please pray for them. I've already offered to help as I can.

Tim and Ray are taking me somewhere for food. More updates later. But I had to tell y'all I'm okay.


Rev. Sharon said...

That is indeed scary; prayers for your neighbors, and for you for peace of mind!

The newest kitteh pics are teh key-yoot.... :)

Kate said...

Thank you, and thank you; I'm getting better though I'm still not sleeping well. Somehow I had the theory that since everything wound up okay for me I'd get over it right away...

*eyerolls at self*

Loiosh helps, of course. Being teh kyoot. :)

He says hi: