Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I has a kitteh.

He is adorable.

He likes sleeping.

Out-of-focus but adorable.




...hey, can't a guy have a little privacy here?

Also, a completely gratuitous picture of Sarah:

My ear, let me show you it.

And an unnecessary closeup.

Jealous kitty is jealous.



Mother Laura said...

Oh, too incredibly cute, Kate. Your namesake just got sucked in on her way to a post-bedtime drink, and has been dispatched back to bed with the promises of good kitten looks tomorrow.

Thanks for the prayers and check in. I was kind of in the abyss after Julian's due date, but I'm back out and lots of wonderful things came out of it for me and us--Godde rocks, as usual.

Matt and I have Grandma babysitting booked the first week of August and it looks like we're coming to your neighborhood! Rocky Mountain National Park, for preference, as long as they have a hotel or at least cabins--I'm way out of camping practice at this point.

Can we come say hi to you, critters, and cohorts in person, huh, can we, pretty please? I called your cell today to ask but a nice person named Debbie said the number is hers now, so give me a ring when you get a chance or else I'll hunt up your email once we have an actual schedule going....

Take good care and sell lots of jewelry, dear one.

Kate said...

*snickers* Poor neglected Katie, having to wait until morning for more kitteh pictures...

I shall just have to post more for her!

Yeah, I was getting pretty worried. But not surprised under the circumstances. And, yes, I changed the phone number and forgot to tell about anyone -- it's now 303-709-8573. *eyerolls at self*

You are totally welcome to visit! The park is really close so it'll be easy.

*watches kitteh trying to climb into grownup cat litterbox*


Be well, you. Good to hear from you.

Mother Laura said...

Oh, goody. I am really jazzed about seeing my friend from spiritual direction training who lives near Colorado Springs, too.

Mea culpa on the phone, actually....I was just cleaning out my inbox and found an email from you entitled: "new phone number." Duh. It's now in the phone, and I will call when we know what we're doing in CO when.

In the meantime, if you are so kind, please pray that I will get what I need to do done at lightspeed and ditch what I don't need to do so I don't spend all my time at lightspeed. I need to get my life totally scheduled by the next travel dates of July 1-17 (retreat directors' workshop with the Jebbies, yayy--which reminds me I need to fax in the application asap). Back to work-- hugs and kitten-pats.

Kate said...

So a multipurpose visit! That's the best kind. :)

Prayers heading out! And kitten sleepin on my toes.