Monday, June 9, 2008

Ever-growing foolishness...

I has a kitteh.

I didn't mean to. But he was so cute! And he wouldn't let go of my shirt anyway, so I'm stuck with him.

Pictures are not yet, but I can give you the short-short version of everyone's reactions:

Chocolate: *hiss* *growl* *hiss* *growl*
Kitten: *ignores*
Chocolate: *stomps off grumbling*

Samson: KILLZ!
Kitten: *falls over on back* *hiss-spits* *waves paws around ineffectually*
Samson: *triumph*

Kitten: *ducks under Taltos's head to get to tuna juice*
Taltos: *shares bowl while successfully ignoring kitten's existence*

Rats: *curled up in ball in corner of cage*

I also introduces the rats to the kitten. Results: Bastian (shy-boy) sitting on my shoulder. Atreyu sitting on the soap (don't worry, it has a towel over it). Remy and the kitten trying to play, with entirely different social cues.

I wandered off, feeling sure that all was well, and rushed back at the sound of hissing and yowling. Rats and kittens both wrestle, and they'd discovered this fact. Remy, being older and cannier (though slightly lighter), had won. And, in proper rat fashion, was washing the loser.

Who, in proper rat fashion, was objecting.


No name for the little guy yet. He'll tell me, I'm sure. Or I'll call him Peeper for the noises he makes. *calls over shoulder* And we wouldn't want that, would we?

...we shall see.


Rev. Sharon said...

A lovely kitteh to be sure... I hope he reveals his name soon! Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

You're welcome! Figured you needed kitteh-fix.