Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It seems to be the week of tagging; this time, Rae got me with 6 Random Things. This time, it's 6 Random Things from Where I Am.

1) I'm barefoot at work. In fact, I'm nearly always barefoot at work.

2) I've discovered that I can be slightly obsessive about polishing the silver jewelry.

3) Sometimes, Joe and Tal (owners of the store next to where I work, and my former bosses) buy me 'guilt pizza'. I call it this because they owe me nine hundred dollars. I'd rather have the money, but in the meantime, I'll also eat the pizza.

4) Currently listening to Radio Free Adhemar, on the air every Tuesday night, and run by a dear friend I've mentioned before. It's Stream of Consciousness Radio and he'll play whatever you like, as long as he's got a copy or you can email him one.

5) I'm also slightly obsessive about getting wrinkles out of clothing with the steamer we have here at work. Especially the rayon stuff, as the wrinkles just fall out. Perhaps I'm too easily amused, but at least it's inexpensive.

6) Carlton at the pizza joint is making pesto, which involves taking nine hundred pounds of basil and pulling all the leaves off. This smells amazingly good, and I may perhaps have stolen a few small basil leaves. Perhaps.

No tagging this time; play along if you like, and comment if you do.


HilbertAstronaut said...


M. and I like to eat at a Vietnamese noodle place near the Asian mega-grocery store where we replenish our pantry. The chief attraction of the noodle place is the beef and noodle soup, consisting of:

1. beef broth, mostly clear, made by boiling beef bones for some length of time too large to express practically in scientific notation;

2. clear rice noodles;

3. any possible combination (each comb. is listed on the menu as a separate item) of a large selection of "bits of cow" (including bits that scaredy-cat Americans don't usually eat, like tripe). I usually choose the option "all possible bits," including the tripe.

I mention this wonder soup because it is served with a pile of fresh basil and a few slices of limes. Mixed in the soup with a generous helping of red chili hot sauce, it makes for a fragrant, yummy, sinus-clearing meal.

Kate said...

That sounds _so_ good. I'd give the hot sauce and the tripe a miss (the former for reasons of breathing, the latter for reasons of I haven't talked myself into thinking that kind of thing is food yet) but the rest, I'd be all over.

*FTPs you pesto*

HilbertAstronaut said...

Ha, we need to write an RFC for PTP (Pesto Transport Protocol)! ;-)

Tripe is definitely food and probably pretty good for you, but I understand if you're not keen on eating rubbery things (see also: beef tendons, squid tentacles). It's also nice as a snack, dipped in salty sesame paste so that it tastes like something. ;-)

Kate said...

My friends and I have been joking about the Food Transfer Protocol for years...just need to actually invent it!

Rubbery things are, for me at least, generally not food; I'm very much a texture-based life form. Popcorn, on the other hand...