Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ganesh, and a start.

One of the things that concerns both Tim and I is Ray's ongoing lack of -- and, indeed, disdain for -- faith. Not that I'm going to go saying I think everyone should be Christian, or even religious; but I do think it helps people to have something to believe in. As Tim puts it, he's concerned that without some sort of faith, Ray's eventually going to decide that there's no hope that anything will ever get any better for himself. And one way or another the results of that are pretty bad.

Well, the night before last Ray gave Ganesh a couple of boxes of chewing gum. He didn't do it entirely on his own (Tim suggested it, since Ganesh likes sweet things); but he didn't do it because someone else told him to, either. It was his own decision.

I don't think he did it out of any belief in Ganesh, mind you. But even so, maybe it's just the beginnings of reaching out to something past what he can see and hear...

I can hope.


Mother Laura said...

Oh, so glad to hear that, hon. Have been praying for all three of you and his openness to divine love...and that Ganesh is such a nonthreatening yet powerful cutie pie.

Kate said...

I see Ganesh having a better chance than most Anyone else I can think of, so we shall see...alas, he's been reading Richard Dawkins lately. :P *twitches*