Thursday, May 24, 2007


It seems to be becoming an epidemic -- I broke my toe today. Whacked it into the counter at Tim's. And just in time for a visit from my dear queer friend Adhemar from the East Coast, which had me cleaning madly all day. Not that that's what I broke my toe doing; no. Just walking into the kitchen.

I'll live. It's just cracked, nothing out of place, but it hurts like whoa and dammit, I wanted to walk places this weekend.

*gimps around, whining*

On the up side, the apartment is cleaner than it's been ever ever and I get to hang out with Adhemar for almost a week. :) On the down side, I'm working all weekend since it's Memorial Day, and unless I can find someone to sub for me I won't be able to make it to church at all. :/


Mother Laura said...

Oh my Goddess! Another toe...

Glad this one is uncomplicated but so sorry about the pain and gimpiness, esp. with your friend visiting.

Sometimes it's just physical, of course, but I got a great spiritual analysis of mine last night from P.: all about balance, feminine (left) side, and the exciting concept of a "spiral fracture" in present reality.

But I hope that the epidemic does not spread! Sisters, beware of barefoot!

(((Kate and her toe)))

Mrs. M said...

holy bananas, that sounds painful!

seeking chivalry said...

The toe epidemic can totally stop at two!

The spiritual analysis is a bit beyond me, I think, Laura, though the thought is amusing. And it is my left toe. If it means anything, though, I think it's 'go sit down for a bit'; appropriate, as that's what I told you when you broke yours!

It's relatively awful, Mrs. M., though not near as bad as Laura's. As long as I don't whack it into anything or step on it wrong, it's livable. (Holy bananas! *giggles*)