Saturday, April 25, 2009

The week

  • Monday,as you may recall, I had a good solid freakout about money.
  • Tuesday, I found someone randomly badmouthing my soaps on a friend's journal. Note that this is someone who's never even _seen_ one of my soaps.
  • Wednesday I found out that said badmouther also makes soap herself. Hello, badmouthing the competition!
  • Thursday I got an IM from a friend who wanted help catching her dog. Turns out she's moved to El Paso with no warning, the dog got out while she was packing, and she LEFT ANYWAY.
  • Friday I rescued said dog from the pound. Did I mention she's ten months old, _not_ fixed, _no_ shots, very little training, and spent most of her time alone in the back yard? And while I like dogs, it's been a long week.
  • This morning I woke up to find my LICENSE PLATES HAD BEEN STOLEN.
I've brought in a bunch of money and some new customers. I have politely replied to said random badmouther and discredited her. I have taken the dog to the home of a friend who does a lot of fostering, and I have an idea of someone who might adopt her -- because she is NOT going back to the woman who 'owned' her before. And I have called the police about the license plates.

And now, I am taking the rest of the day off. For it is Loiosh's first birthday, and I want to spend the day with my kitten.

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Jean said...

Oy! That was some week you had, there. You deserve a day off. I'm sorry about the badmouthing competition, but really happy that you're not returning the dog to its excuse for an owner. I hope the police retrieve your license plates.

Happy Birthday, Loiosh!