Monday, April 6, 2009


  • Got my old radio/CD player fixed, a task which has been quietly weighing on me for over a year. Yes, there's still a guy in town who does this. And it cost me less than the radio did originally, thank you.
  • Have been slowly taking more things to thrift stores, resulting in a general reduction of Crap.
  • Have still not found a taker for the futon. Tim might want it; if not, it goes to the local furniture consignment place, and at least it's out of my way.
  • Was totally spoiled by having Tim all to myself for two weeks. Am whiny now. Want my Tim. Yeah, I still have him, but I have to share him again and I'm greedy.
  • Palm Sunday service Light of Christ (my teeny ECC community) combined with Bethlehem Lutheran (whose building we share) for a really wonderful combined thing. I'd never seen anything like an actual Passion Play at all. I guess the church I grew up in was too staid for them? It really gripped me.
  • Still have the palm frond. Though it's in Tim's car, as otherwise Loiosh will eat it.
  • Mood plummeted shortly after Church Sunday and has been iffy since. Most of today was good, with abrupt plunge round about 4:30.
  • Took all the Mardi Gras masks off my wall. Mardi Gras is over! No, really, I liked them for a while, but they got to just looking cluttered. Packed them neatly in a box, am contemplating keeping or finding homes.
  • Did find new home for some of my jewelry -- a teeny-but-awesome local restaurant has given me a shelf's worth of space. They don't even take any of what I make off of any jewelry sold -- so if anything does sell I'll be making them a few pressies.
  • Mice still adorable.
  • Loiosh still insane.
  • Kate still crabby. :P
Lent could end soon.

Fortunately, it will.

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Sophia said...

Oh, darlin', I'm so glad church was good and hope it continues to be so. And Lent will end in just a couple days (at the beginning of the Mass of the Lord's Supper Thursday night, in fact). Hang in there.