Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeah, so.

I finally got clumsy and Mom found this blog.

I'll admit this is a panic response, but right now I have no cope. I don't know what I'm going to wind up doing -- I know I can't post as openly as I used to knowing my mom is looking. But I did like having a place that people could find -- heck, this is how I found most of you.

Might go Typepad and just keep everything separate from the shop blog. I don't know. Not thinking about it right now. Not thinking about the Talk that is likely to follow from this. Not thinking, cos if I do I'll throw my guts up.


eileen said...


HilbertAstronaut said...

*hugs* sorry it turned out in that unpleasant way...

Kate said...

Thanks, guys. I haven't heard from her yet and I wonder if I'm going to. My sister says she only looked at the first page but my header is sorta incriminating.

I suspect she'll pretend she never saw it. Which leave it to me if I'm going to bring it up -- which I should -- but I don't know if I _can_.

Cranky, cranky, cranky.