Thursday, October 9, 2008

Short Takes

Less cranky, but awesomely tired, due to having to put cone on Chocolate. Poor guy -- his paw just isn't getting any better, and I needed to do something. This way the meds stay on longer. But he needs reassurance, so several times a night I get headbutted by cat armed with cone.

Took Loiosh in to Get Fixed yesterday. All's well, healing nicely, apparently nothing to forgive. Rode home on my lap washing himself. Nearly back to normal though a bit clingy, which occasionally results in cats on each shoulder.

Sale going well. Keeping me busy too which is good except for the tired part. Did I mention I was awesomely tired? Triple-checking each order, just to be paranoid.

The mood to clean is riding me like one of the Loa. Desk is clean; I'm managing to fend off the urge to clear everything off of it and wipe it down with oil, but barely. Once the sale is over and I have time, maybe. Working through cleaning the kitchen, too, and I mean move-everything-and-scrub.

Traded for two huipils from Guatemala. Handwoven shirts, bright colours, _beautiful_. Still not sure if I want to wear them or make something from them, so wearing them until I decide.

Note gratuitous kitten picture atop said huipils. Sent copy to the lady I traded with, as well, since my arm's not long enough to get a picture of me wearing one. They look a little odd with jeans, but I figure they look a little odd on someone as Anglo as me anyway so oh well.

Still haven't been able to talk myself into going to church. Not sure what's up with that. Just feel disinclined. Praying a lot, so 'm not losing the connection, but...yeah. Not sure.

Pretty stressy, what with one thing and another. Money's okay for the moment which helps a lot, but Thomas is pretty much not long for this world and Tim is pretty fragile. Something else going on there but I'm not sure what. Don't think he is either, so. Been spending more time at home weeknights, giving them space. Giving me space, some, too.

Did I mention tired? Perhaps tomorrow will be better. I'm still accomplishing a fair amount, so.

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