Thursday, October 23, 2008

Short Takes

Mouse kicks butt.

Radioactive scotch tape.

Posted a whie ago, but topical now -- Screwing It Up - A Manual For the New Home Preserver.

Perhaps a bit of a tearjerker, but I found it awfully inspiring: Running for my Life. Almost makes me want to take up running, though I think I'll stick with my bike.

A nice analysis of the health care problem in America:


In other news, Chocolate's paw looked a lot better at the last bandage change. He's _sort_ of getting used to the thing, but only sort of; he flaps his back paw around a lot like it's wet. I try not to laugh. Too much.

Been doing breads. Not raised breads; two days ago was banana bread, and today is pumpkin bread. Having fun with it. Also, it's soup season.

Bought a bunch of wool at Newcomer's. Yes, I know. This is all getting turned into blankets, though. I have one on my bed already, though I'll be messing with it some. Love me a good wool blanket.

And that's about it for this post, anyway.

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