Friday, September 14, 2007


I was all good and workking oin my place. But dwen made me come over and drunk. we Had wine.

Now she's making me post. she posted to. hers is at LJ at bratgrl or something i'll tell you later.
If i try to make a link now it would be bad. bad. i'd make code and it would splode. Cose! Splode!

there was wine and chips and cheese and salsa and chocolate ice cream because sometimes women we need chocolate ice creem. also a dog but not for dinner. I like Inga but not that way cos she is a dog.

i think dwen is asleep now i hope she is comfortable cos i cant pickk her up.

i should go home but there are stairs

my cat is outside and its dark. maybe shell carrry me home?



Danielle said...

You're adorable when you drunk blog. :)

LittleMary said...

wow. i should drunk blog sometime to see how that works out:)

Kate said...

So, uh. Hi!

Feeling much better today. :)

eileen said...


Drunk blogging...never tried that...instant messaging..yes, blogging, no!

Kate said...

I can highly recommend drunk blogging for all those for whom drinking isn't a bad idea anyway. For those of you who don't/shouldn't drink, you can mock the rest of us.