Saturday, April 14, 2007

Six Weird Things

Again in response to Mother Laura, who challenged me to name Six Weird Things about myself. Here goes...

1) When I'm standing, especially when I'm leaning against something at the same time, I have a tendency to lean to my right. A lot. To the point that I'm off-balance and my right leg hurts and I'm sure it looks awfully silly. No idea why; years of trying have only begun to break the habit.

2) For years, my food couldn't touch my other food. I made dams out of mashed potatoes so the gravy wouldn't get in the corn, and despaired when the juice from the corn got in the mashed potatoes. If I went back for seconds, I'd rinse my plate off first. Eventually my family gave up, and gave me divided trays, like you get in the cafeteria in school. This made me happy.

3) Ever since I moved out to Colorado, that little bit of obsession has nearly entirely gone away, along with my mushroom allergy, my insomnia, my popcorn allergy (not corn...just popcorn), the remains of my dog allergy (which in fairness was going away anyway), and my intense dislike of green beans and cooked carrots. However, celery is still The Evil.

4) When I dress like a man, I move enough like one that my (gay) boyfriend says I could pass as one easily. This is still the case when I dress like a woman, to the point that I worry whether or not I'm 'passing' as a woman...even though I'm entirely biologically female.

5) Did I mention the gay boyfriend? No, I'm not sure how it happened, either, but I try not to think about it too hard in case it stops working.

6) I blow things up in my spare time. But only under very specific circumstances. (The gonnes are in the style of the early 1400s and yes, they really do go *boom*.)

Not even sure who reads this who hasn't already been tagged, so consider yourself tagged if you like, and if not, not.

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