Monday, March 23, 2009


  • Ray being away for a couple weeks, I got to spend the ENTIRE WEEKEND with my Tim. Decadence and bliss!
  • His place is cleaner than it's been in a while.
  • Mine, however? Not so much.
  • But I spent a couple hours helping him sort through clothing, thence to get rid of a lot of it. Yay simplifying!
  • Also, went wandering around Nederland, home of Frozen Dead Guy Day. I am not making this up.
So I'd decided on Prudence and Felicity, but still wasn't sure which was going to be which.

Okay, it's my own fault. I was cleaning their cage so had put them back into the little cardboard box they came home from the pet store in. I was mostly good and kept it next to me, only I was bad and left it in the kitchen for three seconds.

And came back in to Little Silver One huddled in the box, which was now open on the counter, and Loiosh chasing Little Black One around under the counter. During the interminable time it took for me to dive to the floor, he caught
her and I had to pry his mouth the hell open.

She's fine. Kinda startled, but fine.


I think they've made their naming preferences clear. Also, next time their cage is getting cleaned they're spending the drying time in my BRA.

Next up, more simplifying. As soon as I get someone to haul off this %^#$(%*^ futon couch already.

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