Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lenten Catchup

Over the last few days I've:
  • Found homes for my portable DVD player, spare futon, and TV, with appropriate returns of small moneys.
  • Used some of said money to purchase a piece of furniture as part of the living room redo.
  • Used other of said money to purchase a couple of mice. Alas, Algernon made the Long Trip while I was away; and while I was not heartbroken (sad, yes, but we hadn't bonded very much) Loiosh was devastated. He kept going over to the empty cage and crying, and when I took the cage apart to clean it, nosed through all the pieces looking for his mouse. So...yah.
  • Took a crapton of the stuff I'd already sorted out to the Salvation Army -- in one trip in the car, yes, but it produced a chance to spend time with Tim. He'd been wanting to go, see, but kept putting it off because Ray wasn't ever in the mood, so I stuffed him in the car and off we went.
  • Posted Yet More Stuff to Craigslist.
I also...
  • Took Sunday completely off from simplifying to go hiking, thence to have dinner with Tim and a dear friend of ours. Ray didn't want to go, again, and I'm getting concerned about him...
  • Closed a whole bunch of tabs in my Firefox browser, thus reducing the number of Things I was dealing with there.
  • Went through a number of directories of old old files, and deleted a lot and reorganized the rest.
  • Spent more time trying to teach the kitten Lay Down.
  • Took a bunch of time off for feeling crappy.
Spending time with Tim (and, on Sunday, with Andro) was a goodness. He's putting together a new Serenity game, and we've been talking about that a lot; plus it's always good to get out into the outside and walk some.

I'm concerned about Ray, though. He...well...every time something changes (beginning of a new semester, visiting his parents, starting counselling again) he perks up for a couple weeks, but then he's right back down. Nothing seems to stick. Tim and I had high hopes for yoga this semester, and for a couple weeks...but then, nothin'. I really, really don't know how to help him help himself, and nothing seems to make a long-term difference.

Tim, on the other hand, is taking this Lent as an opportunity to do a lot of thinking. He's not having _fun_ with it, I'll assure you, but I think it's good for him. And he's expressed an interest in going to church with me, which will have the added side-benefit of getting _my_ butt back to church, too.

...I kinda wonder how Ray's going to feel about that. :/

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Sophia said...

Wow, what a lot of good, if not easy stuff, you have going on.

Prayers--esp. that church can feel safe or whatever it needs to feel...