Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Lenten Blargh.

  • Yeah, so, my snit? I'm over it. Mostly, anyway.
  • I went to church yesterday. Tim's fault. It was AWESOME.
  • Body still full of hating. Contemplating taking my sinuses out with a spoon.
  • Futon couch should be going away today.
  • However, I've been mostly FAIL at simplifying these last couple days. Trying to get back on track.
  • While feeling physically and emotionally crappy. Old toxins coming out? Probably, which is good, but process=suck.
  • New mice make Loiosh happy. And the other cats. This pleases me.
  • Perpetua and Felicity it is. Now to decide which is which. And if it really matters to them.
  • Ray came along to church. Surprised. Pleased. Not sure it _did_ anything for him, but I'll take it.
  • That aside? Really no difference. Did I hope for any in just a couple days? Well, no. :/
  • Playing too much Breakout. Can't convince myself not to.
  • Broke. SRSLY. As in, tapping the dwindling reserves won't be enough this month unless I make more sales. This is disheartening and depressing, which makes it harder to work to get, y'know, more sales.
  • Hoping the completely inexplicable $600 that showed up in my savings account, of all things, stays there. Not counting on it. If one of y'all cracked my account to put it there, thanks, but, er. Huh?
  • CD rates currently lower than savings account rates. Huh?
  • Mr. President, I could sure heck use a bailout.
*wanders off, grumbling vaguely*

1 comment:

Sophia said...

I won the naming contest? Wow!
I thought Argent and Sable were awfully clever too.

Historically Perpetua was more likely to be light in color, but you could reverse them just to mess with everyone's mind--FiestaBoy's suggestion, though he preferred Sunshine and Shadow.

So glad about church, dear one. Go you and Tim and Ray too.

Get better.