Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I Do on the Weekends

I go camping with my kitten.

This last weekend we went to an SCA event near Florissant. It's up in the Rockies maybe a couple hours south of here, really pretty country. Due mostly to me messing around earlier in the week and not getting things done, we got there just around sunset, leaving me (once again) to set up in the dark.

Fortunately I found help right away -- someone to help me set up camp and someone else to watch the kitten. Loiosh went off with a friend of mine while I started to unload the car. Halfway through setting up the tent said kitten-watcher showed up, sans kitten, to inform me that my kitten was at a party without me. Something called a Pamper Party. Complete with salmon and a masseur.

I half expected the guy to jump out from behind a bush with a camera and big lights yelling 'This Is Your Life!'.

So, I finished setting up camp. Made my way to the party, and retrieved my kitten. Had him for no longer than five minutes before the Queen arrived and promptly stole him from me. So there he is, in the presence of royalty, getting fed cheese, while I float around the edges and try to look small.

Alas, I didn't get any pictures of him with the Queen.

Eventually I got him back, whereupon I fed him salmon (half the salmon was gone, but people had left a lot of crumbs), and ate a lot of blueberries, and got a lovely backrub. So all in all, I felt better about having missed the earlier parts of the party.

Woke up the next morning and got the shop set up. No pictures of that, either. Kitten only!

Tangled in his leash! I even have a video on Youtube.

He woke up and was Evil Kitty, so I lent him to a bunch of small children for about three hours. 'Don't bring him back until he's asleep!'. He wasn't quite asleep when I fetched him but it didn't take him long.

A new friend was kind enough to take a couple of photos of me with my baby -- these are for Aunt Ann, who specifically requested them:

I love the attitude of 'Moooom! People are looking! Stoppit!' in the second one. Note the paw, firmly placed against my chest. 'Do not kiss me in public!'


In other news, I sold a bunch of stuff, slept better than at previous events, and decided I want a canvas round tent. Probably will have to wait until sometime over the winter. But really, that's not the exciting part. I know you; y'all want more kitten!

In other news, yet another Etsy Treasury.


Mother Laura said...

So good to finally see your lovely face along with your little furry friend, Kate. Can't wait to hear about the interview.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Kate, Loiosh is a sweetie. From the looks of him, I'd say that he may turn out to be full of mischief.

Kate said...

...er, so I s'pose I should post more pictures of me...?

Hi! I'll let y'all know about the thing.

And Grandmère, he already is. I expect him to remain so. Fortunately for all involved, he's cute enough to get away with it, and I'm managing to teach him a few manners.

...imagine! A cat with manners!