Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Days Later

It's odd. He spent most of his time hiding in a closet or under a table -- there were whole days I didn't even see him -- but it still feels too empty and quiet around here.

In the meantime, things I have learned from my cats:


When you're hungry, eat. When you're tired, sleep. Play all the rest of the time.


The best way to get someone to walk along with you is to ask.

Goes for tree-climbing, too.


Snuggles make everything better.


Kisses too.


It's amazing the places you can find to take a good nap.



Anything can be a toy. Anything.


You can find friends anywhere.

...but okay, not always.


They're helping, each in his own way. And today I'm feeling a little better.


Mother Laura said...

Hi Kate! Katie and I loved all these pictures and the tree-climbing video, which inspired her to insist that we provide the missing soundtrack....meowing galore.

Hope you are doing okay.

Kate said...

Hee! Excellent.

Hanging in there. Teeth and toenails some days. Loiosh is being Clingy Kitty which helps (I've been typing one-handed cos he's curled up on his back in the crook of my left arm, but he just moved so I have both hands now!)

Keeping busy, making sales. Surviving.