Thursday, April 3, 2008

Prayers please...

...for Elliott. The lump that might have been a tumor and might have been an abcess is in fact and abcess -- it popped this morning, and at first I was really relieved. Once it popped, I figured, it'd be able to heal up.

Except the skin over it is black, and what came out is slightly greenish, and it doesn't smell good. It's infected at the very least, and I don't know how to clean it out except to cut it open and do so, which I'm not remotely equipped for. I did wipe the spot off as well as I could but he's all wiggly, so it's hard. And you can't scruff a rat like you can a cat.

On the up side, it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all, even when I press on it. He's in a ridiculously good mood, in fact, he's running all over my desk (I've had to edit his comments out of this post several times already). And he was due to go back to the Humane Society today for his last mites shot, so I'm going to ask them to have a look at him while we're in there. If they can't do anything for him, I have a really good vet.

Still pretty worried. He's not young, he's had a tough life, and I want him to hang around a little longer.

God created rats as well as everything else -- please, pray for my (big) little guy.


Nina said...

Prayers for the rat boy, as requested. Hugs for the rat's protector and companion.

Nina said...

Prayers for the rat guy, and hugs for his protector and friend.

Nina said...

Well, I thought it didn't take the first one, because the word recognition was illegible, but I guessed right.


Mother Laura said...

We're praying and sending hugs too, and Katie thinks both rats are very cute.

Kate said...

Thanks for the prayers y'all -- so far he seems to be doing pretty well.

Gross warning: I squeezed out a big glob of gook last night and that seemed to help even more. So I have good hopes.