Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yeah, I'm a fool.

I only went in to pet the cats.

But he was adorable!

Someone found him a month ago in a parking lot. Yes, in a parking lot, in Colorado, in February. This is one lucky rat.

His name is Ratatouille though I might change it. He's been sitting on my shoulder for the past hour and some. His whiskers are tickly.

Rat butt!


Nina said...

He's great!


Looks smart, too--of course, they all are.

Kate said...

He is -- frighteningly so. Another week or two and I get to introduce him to his brother. :)

ammaro said...

the red eyes always manage to freak me out.

Kate said...

I've sort of got used to them, and these day I think they're cute.

...but then I've always been a weird one.