Friday, November 9, 2007

Day Nine

I get home from work every night exhausted. Grandmère Mimi does a lovely job of describing a recent trip to Walmart here; try eight hours of it. I can't sit down, except for lunch and breaks. My legs ache at the end of the day, and after the noise and all the people, so does my head.

I'd planned to write a treatise on God and nature and why conservation and not buying cheap plastic things are in a way a Christian issue, but my brain is made of cream cheese and I can't think of anything more coherent than 'pollution makes baby Jesus cry' which is admittedly pretty awful.

Praying a lot when I have the attention span. Usually along the lines of 'God please let this end'. Winning the lottery would be nice or perhaps a sugar daddy. Or even a real job, I'm not picky. Replacement knees and headache meds that work? C'mon, something's got to give.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Kate, I hope that my Walmart post did not cause you pain. If it did, I am sorry.

My metaphor for the state of my brain when it won't work is scrambled eggs. I like your cream cheese better.

God's blessings and my prayers that something gives.

Pollution does make Baby Jesus cry.

Kate said...

No more pain than working there does anyway, hun. And your description was so spot-on I was glad to be able to swipe it.

Another possible job at the University given to someone else. Contemplating how many cats and I could fit in the car long-term.

Okay, not _really_.

Kass McGann said...

Oh sweetie... =(