Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day eight

8) Your local thrift stores. Know them. Love them.

9) Also, dumpster diving. C'mon! No shame, people!

10) Cats can help you stay warm at night, thus requiring less indoor heating. Course they hog the bed...

11) Remember what I said about the dryer? Handwash some of your dishes, too, and put off running the dishwasher another day.

12) Fuzzy slippers.

13) Don't start your car until your seatbelt is hooked, the window is rolled down (or up), and you've got yourself settled. That half-minute does make a difference.

14) Unplug your TV. Actually, sell it and put the money into savings or a nice warm blanket. You won't miss it.

My secret shame: for all of my preaching about the evils of agribusiness and such, and my urging of folks away from consumerism, I work at Consumer Hell: Walmart. I hate it with a great burning passion. I'm against pretty much everything the place stands for. However, because of them I can afford a place to live. I'd say I'm not sure how I feel about this except that I'm quite sure: it sucks. But? It's a job.

It's also leaving me pretty much exhausted at the end of the day, so posting is harder than it ought to be. Keeps me thinking, though, which is a goodness.

Tomorrow, if I can manage it: Where has God gone in my blog, and how does He fit in with all of this talk about the environment and Peak Oil? The answers, in tomorrow's episode of Insert Clever Show Name Here.

Slightly punchy. Signing off.


Plain Foolish said...

Hon, I'm just glad right now that you've got employment to keep a roof over your head. I know how hard that can sometimes be.

And remember also, while some thrift store finds are Perfect Just As They Are, some only need a little imagination to work. That really ugly dress with the cute skirt? Sounds like a cute skirt once you turn the bodice into a waistband. (I actually recently did this. The bodice will make a decent purse, but I have no idea what the original person was thinking to make it a bodice.)

Kate said...

And that's huge, I'll grant you. Despite what I'll say elsewhere I don't _really_ want to try to live in my car, though it'd sure be cheaper.

RevDrKate said...

Glad to see you back...sounds like there's been way lots going on in your life! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
"The other Kate"

Kate said...

Heya 'other Kate'! Belated response here. :) I'm glad you're praying for me -- knowing that helps a lot.