Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am perhaps tired and also a little punchy. On the road for eight hours today, more or less, on the way up to PA to visit the family for the first time in far too long.

Did some more reverb10 writing. It's a little disjointed. By which I mean a lot. Kinda raw. But here it is.


9) Party

I, uhh.

I know I went to a party or two this year.

There was the one where Loiosh ate so much of Aldyth's steak that he couldn't sit down around his belly.

There was the Halloween party at Sohbet House.

I think there was a party at Andro's. wasn't a good year for parties. I guess.

10) Wisdom.

Wise decisions?

I made a lot of dumb ones, in the beginning of the year.

I made some very necessary ones through the middle. Most of those were a clear matter of 'least sucky' though.

I guess moving to Tennessee. It's been good for me.

I don't know. Today is a tough one for thinking I've done well, I guess, though it's been a good _day_, as such.

11) 11 things

1 - Fear
2 - Debt
3 - Excess stuff (not much of that left, but there's still some).
4 - ...

I don't know. I've already gotten rid of so much. I've already _lost_ so much.

12) Body Integration

What is this I don't even.

13) Action

Driving the rest of the way to my mom's tomorrow.

...this is larger than it seems. Some of my important things ( and some of the reasons for the Bus Project) are interaction and connection, and travel for the purpose of same. Driving north to see my blood family for the first time in a year and a half -- and my nephew for the first time EVER -- is way, way a part of that.

It was SO so nice to get on the road today. I love my roommates and I love where I live -- don't get me wrong. But getting in the car -- just me and Loiosh -- and driving, going where _I_ wanted, on very little schedule but my own...that was awesome.

It was time to GO.

Soon it'll be really, really time to go.

(Must remember to actually post about the Bus Project.)

14) Appreciate

One thing?


My friends.

My cats.

My own resilience.

My Aunt Ann.

My friend Dani.

I guess those last two come under 'friends' but.


15) 5 minutes.

There was this guy. And he fucked me over when I was pretty vulnerable. Then my friends saved my ass. The end.

16) ...

Yeah, I'm maybe not in quite the right place to be doing these tonight. I might try some of them again tomorrow. But right now, I'm just flinging words at the screen without really thinking about it.

Which has its value, don't get me wrong, but this is supposed to be contemplative, not brainstorm-ey. So I dunno, whatever.


Di said...

Praying for safe travels as you head toward my state.

Kate said...

Bless you m'dear! Safe and sitting at my mom's kitchen table.