Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time. Brains.

Been a lot going on, most of which I haven't been talking about.

Been going to church again. This is a goodness. I've needed it.

On the other hand, it's shown me how little spirituality I manage to weave into the rest of my life. I look at those of you who even attempt daily prayer with envy. I get good intentions every once in a while, and they usually don't last the day. I _really_ need community of one sort or another to have a proper spiritual life, it seems.

Which is why it is _so_ very silly of me to fail to read my Godbloggers for a month straight, for which I must apologize. I've fallen off the face of the earth and it's not a good thing. :/

I'm not sure where Tim and I am, mostly because, I think, Tim and Ray aren't sure where they are, and are spending a lot of time working it out. I've been giving them space -- which is hard sometimes, and easier at others. I'm enjoying all the alone-time but it leaves me very uncertain of my relationships with them.

Money still isn't great, though it's not as bad as it was. I just keep breathing and keep making soap.

Just feeling...unsettled. Up in the air. Not sure where I'm going. Feeling a call to some sort of ministry -- and definitely to those who aren't welcome elsewhere -- but still not sure what form that'd take, though I do have the image of offering Sunday morning mass at SCA camping events, which is amusing if nothing else. I wonder if I'd get any takers?

Hm...camper. Cat. Travelling the country selling soap and offering mass at campgrounds and parks all over.

Must contemplate.

In the meantime, I have been neglecting y'all, and if any of you are still reading, I apologize. (Okay, I apologize anyway.) I intend to try to get more involved again -- y'all have helped me through a lot of journeying, and it'd be foolish to lose you now!


Mer said...

If you do offer a scadian mass, I would so be there for an historic mideval service. I'm not even catholic.

Sophia said...

So glad church is safe and helpful. So glad you're back. Pray for you every day.

HilbertAstronaut said...

mmm medieval Mass...

Glad things are working out better. Seem to have similar prayer life issues. Not sure what to do about that. Any ideas? Maybe I'm just lazy ;-P

HilbertAstronaut said...

btw about celebrating Mass: "If you do it they will come." ;-)

Kate said...

BELATED REPLY. Because time. Brain.

Thanks, y'all. Mer, I'm gonna hafta learn Latin now, aren't I? Sophia darlin, thank you, and likewise. And Hilbert, all I need is the Magic Juju Hands!