Monday, September 29, 2008

Patron Saints

A discussion on a mailing list I frequent provoked me into choosing appropriate patron saints for the cats. Am I a dork? Yeah, probably. But it was kinda fun, so there you go.

For Loiosh, who was born on or around April 26: Saint Mark the Evangelist, one of whose signs is a winged tiger.

Chocolate and Samson are brothers. I know they were born in late May but I never did write down the exact date, so I tried to choose the same birthday for the two of them. Saint Simeon Stylites the Younger, May 24, seemed perfect for cranky, isolationist Samson but nobody on that day really felt right for Chocolate.

Birth takes its sweet time; it's entirely possible that Samson was born one day and Chocolate the next. Saint Zenobius of Florence, known for miraculous healings and raising five people from the dead, died the 25th of May in 417. Given Chocolate's illness when he was little (a tale I tell elsewhere) and the fact that I could well have named him Miracle, Zenobius seems a perfect fit.

Thank you to the person who gave me the idea -- you know who you are!


hedwyg said...

Aww! That is too cool! :-D

And the Evangelist Mark is PERFECT for little Loiosh! Yay!

Kate said...

I had far, far too much fun. :) And isn't he just?

Mrs. M said...

I'm thinking a lot about saints lately, so this is a wonderful bit of whimsy for me.

Kate said...

Silly, yes, but also fun. :)