Thursday, December 6, 2007

Short Takes

First off, a link from Jadwiga: The cute! It burns! I'll be following this tale.

Secondly, my cats, my poor, long-suffering cats. Taltos and Samson spend most of their time under the futon I sleep on here, though they do venture out when nobody's around or I'm asleep. No hollering, no crying, no clawing at the door like I've gotten previously. Chocolate sleeps with me, pesters me when I'm on the computer, and even will come out and bother Tim or Ray occasionally when I'm not around. I'm very pleased with them all.

Thirdly there's Sarah. I've posted about her before and she's an awful lot of fun to live with. Also a total pain in the ass, mind you. Spends a lot of time outside the computer room door being totally pitiful because all the people in the house are in there but her and she's all alone and lonely and dying. So I go pet her.

Been taking her for walks a lot. To the play ground where she'll happily go down the slide, then into the fenced-in basketball court to chase tennis balls. She's a blast. I think I'll borrow her sometimes when I've moved out, just to have a dog around. The cats will be thrilled.

The problem with working retail is the weekends. I haven't been to church in forever and ever. I miss it.

The faith, though -- that faith that so surprised me when I found it, that still surprises me -- is still there, even when I've forgotten about Him for a few days in all the bustle. This reassures me mightily. And someday, I will have a job that Does Not Suck and so will give me time to, y'know, go to church.

Tim's home -- time to go.

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