Wednesday, February 25, 2009


After a lot of waffling, I've decided this Lent, I'm simplifying.

I started before realizing it was the right thing to continue -- I packed up probably half of my clothing to go to the Salvation Army, and enough other stuff that the trunk of the car is full. I've been selling things on Craigslist. And I've decided I'm going to keep at it.

Not just physical stuff (though that'll be a lot of it). I want to pare things away in the rest of my life, too -- emotional, spiritual, things that take up time as well as space -- because that will, I hope, leave me with enough space left, and little enough to fill it, that I'll be able to set about figuring what's really important to me. Figuring who _I_ am again, because I've been kinda too busy to remember.

And, with luck and effort, leaving space in my life for God, cos I've kinda been failing at that part, a lot.

It's a good thing He doesn't give up on us easy.

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Sophia said...

Sounds wonderful, Kate. I'll be praying that it is joyous and freeing for you and very blessed by God's love.