Monday, May 5, 2008

Well, that did it...

...I just gave my two weeks' notice.

For those just catching up, I work (worked, soon!) at Walmart, see. The Hell of American shopping. The antithesis of everything I value. (Okay, I do value money to an extent, but only because it buys me food and an apartment and books.)

It took working there to finally push me over the edge to starting my own business. So I suppose I owe them something. I'd planned to stay until I was making enough from Om Shanti Handcrafts to make it own my own. I'm not, yet...but I quit anyway.

I couldn't deal with the hypocrisy any more. The greed. The unfair trade practices and the rotten treatment of the employees. I could go into detail but most of you already know and if not, other people have written it better than I could.

So...I'm relieved. And scared. Now I have to make my business work. And I have to make it work now.

Anyone got words of encrouagement or wisdom? Advice? Am I nuts?

*deep breaths*


Just called my mom to let her know. Wasn't looking forward to it and, well, I was right. She's upset. She's terrified. Fundamentally she doesn't understand why -- how -- I could possibly leave a job without having another one already lined up.

She's never had a crappy job. She's never lived on her own. She's never been a risk-taker. She's also never been more than 'normally' sick in her life.

She's...not going to understand.

I still want her to understand and approve. I'm kind of still a kid that way. I guess it never really goes away, does it?


And, yeah, I'm scared. Of course I am -- I'm not stupid. I'm also relieved. I'll say 'hate' when I mean 'really dislike' -- 'I hate it when X happens' -- but this job, I _hated_ it. Hated. HATED.

Don't much like shouting, either, but sometimes ya gotta emphasize.

...but I can try to justify my decision all I want, and at the end of the day it was mine to make. I guess somewhere I'm still afraid of the inevitable scolding. Ahh well, that's long behind me now and maybe someday I'll even stop expecting it.


Anyway, prayers and words of encouragement are always appreciated. I love you guys; you keep me sane(ish). Be well, y'all.


Mother Laura said...

You're back on line, yayy.

Thanks for the kind words and hugs and Tim-quote. It's pretty tough here with moving and grief and other PTSD triggers....

You go, woman, for taking care of yourself and ditching the big bad box. Lots of prayers and hugs back atcha.

Kate said...

Yeah, right now we're what I'd call 'a fine pair', huh? What with one thing and another...and another...and another...

I'd bring you some boxes, but the commute's a little far. Got all mine at work last time...I suppose the place had to be good for something. I'm _still_ unpacking.

...ah, well. Prayers for you as always, my dear. You hang in there. I said so.

hedwyg said...

Congratulations, Kate! I know you can make it work. I'm so chuffed for you! Guess I need to stop by with my credit card - you do have a couple things I've been eyeing. :-)


Kate said...

Jeez-o-pete, hun, I was just going to send you something. You do need relaxing, after all. I'll just slip it in with everything else, so to speak.

...thank you! And thank you for the kind words as well. I'm terrified but determined. :)

Mother Laura said...

Oh, it wasn't till last night that I realized that, on the liturgical calendar at least, your personal independence day coincides with the first anniversary of Sophia Catholic Communion. It was Monday in the novena of Pentecost last year that the planets converged and Peg made the brilliant suggestion to begin....So I am taking that as a propitious sign for the growth of your business (and a part time, pleasant day job in the interim if necessary).

Kate said...



How very, very cool. :)

Also? The official date of the commencement of my business, at least from the point of view of the IRS, is...Beltane.

Just to. You know. Yeah.

*off growin things*

Nina said...

Go for it!

Sometimes waiting for everything to work out is waiting too long.

May everything come together for you.

Kate said...

Thanks Nina!

...yeah, it was getting to that point.

Plain Foolish said...

Good luck. *hugs*

Rae Trigg said...

Much luck, Kate. Yes, it's scary to run your own business. But I know you'll make it work.

Kate said...

Thanks, you guys. *hugs*

Kirstin said...

Prayers of course-and thanks for dropping by.

Kate said...

Thanks you -- and you're welcome!

Mother Laura said...

Hey, I think this is your first day of freedom...woohoo! Lots of prayers.

I'm heading out to San Diego for a life coach training and get to stay with Peg, yayy.


Kate said... know, it should have been...

But somehow I miscalculated and wound up working, instead. Ah, well; Monday was always one of my favourite days to work. And I got to say goodbye to a lot of people I wouldn't otherwise have seen. So it's all good.

Today is my first day of freedom, and I'm loving it!